About The Art

Original Paintings

All paintings are created on stretched canvas. The medium is acrylics, and each original is protected with satin archival varnish. All originals available for sale are ready for hanging.

Limited Edition Prints

All prints are created from high resolution scans of the original painting. They are printed using archival inks on acid free archival paper. Each print is hand titled, numbered and signed. Print runs will not exceed 250, and are sold in numeric order, starting with number 1, on a first come first served basis. Each print is matted and backed with 4 ply acid free 11” x 14” quality board and then inserted into a protective resealable plastic envelope. The actual image size will vary slightly based on the proportions of the original painting. All prints are reasonably priced at $35 each with FREE shipping.

Custom prints on stretched canvas or paper of any painting are also available. Contact me for information and pricing at: art@krawczykstudio.com

Art Chairs

The design of these art chairs begins on paper. The design objective is to create what are essentially two dimensional shapes that can be replicated to reveal a three dimensional chair. I create numerous sketches as I visualize how each chair would look in three dimensions. Once I perfects a design, I use Adobe Illustrator software to draw the final refined shapes that make-up each chair. I design the chairs full size, so each chair could be manufactured in any variety of materials as a full-sized functional piece of art furniture. In order to produce the small art prototypes, the final digital art files are reduced by one-third and the chair components are laser cut from solid acrylic. After sanding, cleaning and fitting the pieces to confirm that the design worked the way I envisioned, I disassemble and paint each individual segment. After drying, each component is then hand assembled to create the final small prototype art chair.